Uber Fleet Services

Let us manage you vehicles on Uber

We offer a range of Fleet Services to Uber Partners. From Pairing with drivers in our Uber pool to indepth background checks for drivers

We offer fleet services for car owners and people who want to invest on Uber On-Demand Taxi Business. Our goal is for the client to have peace of mind and get return on their Uber business. We help the client manage the driver, ensure the driver actually works on the Uber platform. Track the driver’s performance and caution the driver when they are not taking enough trips to yield return in investment. We also help onboard the vehicle and driver on Uber systems, help follow up with insurance company or police should the driver be careless. We ensure that the driver takes a minimum number of trips per week to guarantee yield.

We recognize that some partners are busy and do not have the time, that’s why we are here to assist Partners with enquiries and any challenges. As a Partner you may have several vehicles and do not have the time to monitor the drivers, we can help.